Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Hi there!

I still have dozens of out of print vinyls like:

 ANCESTORS  12“(Youth Attack 2008), 333 copies
 CEREMONY -Violence violence LP (Malfunction 2006), gatefold, white/grey-splat
 CONVERGE -Jane Doe 2LP(Deathwish), gatefold
 CULT RITUAL -LP1(Youth Attack 2009), 1st press „flesh“-wax/700
 CURSED -Two  LP(Goodfellow 2005), black wax/700
 DOOMRIDERS -Black Thunder  LP(Magic Bullet 2006), 1st-press/369/clear gold
 EXTORTION -Sick  LP(Deep Six 2007),
 FUCKED UP -Hidden world 2LP(Deranged) gatefold.
 FUCKED UP -Let likes be cured by likes 12"(Schizophrenic 2006),
 INFEST -No Man´s Slave  LP(Deep Six 2002)
 MODERN LIFE IS WAR -My Love, My Way  LP(Martyr 2003), GF/„rootbeer“/665.
 PISSED JEANS -Shallow  LP(Parts Unknown 2005), gatefold.
 REPOS -Heads And Hearts Explodes LP(Youth Attack); ltd. 700
 SEXDROME -Grown younger  LP(Youth attack 2010),
 VILE -Solution  LP(Parts Unknown 2006), reissue, gatefold

 BARONESS -First&Second LP(Hyperrealist 2010), gatefold
 ELECTRIC WIZARD -Come my fanatics 2LP(Rise Above), gatefold
 ELECTRIC WIZARD -Dopethrone 2LP(Rise Above), gatefold
 GODFLESH -Streetcleaner LP(Kretaion), reissue, color wax
 GRAVES AT SEA/ASUNDER  split LP(20 Buck Spin 2005), white/300, gatef/poster.
 HIGH ON FIRE -blessed black wings  2LP(Relapse 2010), gatefold, color.
 ISIS -Panopticon" 2LP/1st press(Robotic Empire), small center labels
 KHANATE -Capture&Release  LP(Hydrahead 2005),
 NEUROSIS -given to the rising  2LP(Neurot 2007), gatefold
 RWAKE -Hell Is A Door To The Sun  2LP(Land O´Smiles 2007), gatef/500 copies
 RWAKE -Voices Of Omens  2LP(Land O´Smiles 2007), gatefold, 500 copies.
 SAVIOURS -Crucifire  LP(Level Plane 2006), 2nd press/red/150, gatefold.
 PELICAN -Australasia  2LP(Hydrahead 2004), 1st-press/black/800, gatefold
 BORIS -Pink 2LP w/“drops“, gatefold.
 CULT OF LUNA -Salvation  2LP(Earache 2004), 1000 copies, gatefold.
 EARTH -Hex: OrPrintingInTheInfernalMethod  2LP(SouthernLord 2005), black/1500
 EARTH -The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull 2LP/Booklike(Southern Lord 2008)
 MELVINS / LUSTMORD split 2LP(Alt. Tentalcles 2005), gatefold
 OM - Pilgrimage  LP(Southern lord 2007), Gatefold, blue-wax version.
 SLEEP -Holy Mountain  LP(Kreation 2007), reissue of Earache´93, ltd/color, gatef.
 SUNN 0)))/BORIS -Altar 3LP(Southern Lord 2007), opaque yellow/1500.
 SUNN 0))) -The Grimm Robe Demos  2LP(Southern Lord 2004), gatef. black/1000.
 SUNN 0))) -Black One  2LP(Southern Lord 2005)

...just to name a few - all this are new/unplayed items!
i also have a Discogs account here:
with even more stuff, new & used.
of course if you want save some of the Discogs-fees, you better contact me directly at:
and i will give you all the details, including shipping and payment modalities.

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Vinyl for sale!

Hello folks & wagons!

If you are here it probably means that you are looking for some fine vinyl. 
OK, below here a list of stuff i´ve for sale (or trade), so if sometihng are of your interest feel free to send me an eMail at
and i will let you know the eventual prices, shipping rates, Pp-fees, and all that jazz.
Hope to hear from you!